Loft Conversions

Looking to increase the living space in your property? Want to do this, but not at the cost of losing some of your garden? Then a loft conversion is the perfect way for you to create a new, unique room in your home. At DLM Builders, we specialise in providing an expert loft conversion service where we can help you to plan and transform your project.

Why have a Loft Conversion in Inverclyde?

A loft conversion is the practice of altering a little used space into a room that can be used for a variety of different means. Often used as a storage space, lofts tend to gather as much dust as they do junk. By transforming this space into a usable room, you can increase the internal social space of your home without sacrificing any existing space.

Whilst having a loft conversion can be an exciting change to your home, it does present a few challenges that must be overcome. For instance, a loft conversion must meet all government building regulations and, as such, may require planning permission from your local council. This is especially true when changing the height of your building. Additionally, you will need to inform your current insurer that an extra room has been added to the building as this may affect your premium and what is covered by the insurance.

At DLM Builders, we have been providing a loft conversion service to the people of Inverclyde for many years. We can offer a professional conversion service as well as providing advice on any government requirements that you will need to meet for planning permission, and also help you to achieve planning permission for your project. Give us a call today on 07740378815, or send us a message through our contact page.

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